Thursday, 6 October 2011

Shimelle's Sketch of the Week

So many photos and so little time to scrap!  If you had asked me a year ago if I ever use sketches I would have given you an emphatic NO!  But now I seem to be hooked on them.  The past few months I have gotten more done than in the past few years!  That is not entirely accurate because in the last few years I have moved half way around the world, opened a new business and moved house twice so far ... but you get my drift :-)

I liked this sketch by Shimelle but didn't get it posted in time to add my link.  The sketch looked like this.

And here is my take on it using cupcake photos from The Extrovert's 13th Birthday party last year.

Basic Grey '?' papers
I love that stripy paper and I wish I had a pile of it, so this sketch let me leave lots of the paper free for me to admire in years to come as it is the only sheet I have!  The Extrovert chose to have his party at an outdoor laser battle place so his whole birthday was army themed from the invites to the cupcakes.  Our idea was to make swirl cupcakes in green and brown batter with corresponding green and brown frosting.  All did not go entirely to plan!

I embossed some scraps of brown Bazzill using one of my new Craft Concepts embossing folders.  This one is part of their new Christmas collection, but it doesn't look like a 'Christmas Vine' to me, more like a jungle vine!  Then I pressed my Versamark ink pad over the raised bits to make them a shade darker.  Do you see the question in the title?  "Camo Cakes ... or are they?"

Well we should have made a dry run on mixing green batter from a white cake batter.  One would have thought that green food colouring would have been sufficient, but no, we didn't end up with a nice dark green.  We got ALIEN green!!!!  Bright, shocking, in your face lime green!  At least the chocolate half was brown LOL

But The Extrovert wasn't phased as the most important part of the cakes to him were the men on top!  Don't worry I made him scrub them and boil them for 10 min.  Who knows what germs they might have been carrying.  The frosting was still a little bright, but no where near as bright as the inside.  They were a huge hit with the boys and I never thought that I would live to see they day where a pile of 13 year old boys are more interested in plastic army men than cake.  They ate the cake and then started attacking each others toy man!

I had loads of fun staining and dyeing the muslin that you can only just see in the layout, but this time I kept most of it off my hands!


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