Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Update ...

So much has gone through my mind in the past month that it has been best to keep my mouth shut :-)  Memories of my mom telling me "If you don't have anything nice to say than don't say anything at all!" kept popping to mind.  You will remember that we had put the business up for sale with the decision to close if it didn't sell.  Lots of offers came in and people entered discussions.  My mind boggles at the thought of everything that happened in only a few weeks and we have been left in limbo ever since.  I even went on a job interview and we considered all sorts of options!

But the offer that we accepted was finalised only yesterday (Monday).  It was a long drawn out affair which required that we set a firm cut off point of Monday morning.  But the result is what The LOML wanted, but to which I am still slightly sitting on the fence about.  Only time will tell exactly how it will all go.  As of Monday we have a new business partner.  This was not an option which we had even thought of so it took us a bit by surprise too.  It solves many problems and will in time give me more time with my kids, which is my primary motive for our decision.  I am still very hurt by some of the local happenings but through all of this I have discovered that we do have tons of wonderful customers who popped in just to tell me to keep my chin up when things were still up in the air.  And they didn't even know what was going on as confidentiality agreements kept me from saying anything.

The stock in the shop was just about wiped out after we made the announcement and it wasn't even on sale!  So I have lots of ordering (or SHOPPING!!!) to do and that always makes me happy :-)  The next few weeks are going to be chaos but that now seems to be the norm around here LOL

I started Shimelle's latest class today and am really hoping to try and keep up so you may see a bit more of me :-)  I do seem to get more done when I have a firm direction as time is so short.  Well I had better get back to my "shopping" but I just wanted to quickly share.  I have spent so much time thinking and praying and although I am not sure about this decision, I felt that this was a time in which I needed to follow The LOML's lead.  Not something in which I always excel so maybe it will be an important lesson!  I can most definitely be extremely stubborn and opinionated!

Chipper :-)

Monday, 7 May 2012

Storytelling Sunday May

Welcome one and all to this months Storytelling Sunday (errrr) Monday post.  I decided yesterday to have an internet free day (gasp, horror! YEP, it is possible!) and as I hadn't actually found the time to sit and type this post it is now a day late :-)  A quick update for those of you who are regular readers ... everything is still in limbo BUT we have put a deadline on all offers as today so we will finally know which direction we are headed soon!!!!  Either way life is going to be a bit tumultuous for the next few months.

Now onto the story ...  Wake Up!

I have always thought it funny when other people have talked about the changes that take place in teenage boys ... surely some of these things can't happen to my boys?????  Both my boys have always been early risers.  We have taught all our children that it is important that they are able to get themselves ready for the day each morning on their own.  Although we will often have family breakfasts, on school mornings each child is responsible for getting themselves up at the right time and ensuring that they are ready to walk out the door with everything they need on time.  They each have their own alarm now and this has worked very well so far.  This sounds idyllic, but believe me some mornings are a madhouse around here!

The minute The Extrovert turned 14 he changed overnight.  A non-morning child took his place.  Instead of being up as sunrise he would now sleep until 11am if you let him.  We had to get a louder alarm and a few mornings I EVEN HAD TO GO IN AND WAKE HIM UP!  He has found a new routine (after I threatened to throw a cold bucket of water on him!) and each morning he hears his brother's alarm with his set to go off two minutes later.  He has time for one hit of the snooze button and then he makes an appearance in the kitchen.  He is still only half awake at this point and proceeds to make his porridge without even opening more than one eye.  I don't think he actually wakes up until we are in the car and on the way to school.  The Thinker and The Princess are still both already awake when their alarms go off and the alarm is only to remind them that they need to put their iPods down and start to get ready.

One morning this past week The Extrovert heard his brother's alarm go off through his sleepy fog.  He ignored it and waited for his own alarm.  But the noise kept penetrating his dreams and he started hitting his snooze button trying to turn it off.  His thoughts muddled, he sat up trying to work out what was wrong with his iPod and why wouldn't it turn off!  Even after removing it from the dock he could still hear the alarm.  In his hazy state he remembered his brother and grumbling about him under his breathe he stumbled down the hallway to his brother's room.  He could hear the alarm getting louder and he was annoyed now ... he could have still had 5 more precious minutes of sleep.

He knocked on the door "Thinker turn your alarm off, it is time to get up!"  But no sound came from the room.  He pounded harder and harder, sleep confusing his brain.  "Thinker!!!!!  TURN OFF YOUR ALARM!!!"  In frustration he flung open the door, marched into the room and stopped dead in his tracks.  The bed was made, the room vacant and the alarm was now screeching.  Within moments all sorts of thoughts passed through his addled mind until finally, as he began to wake up, realisation dawned.  The Thinker was on school camp and wasn't home at all! Feeling very foolish he turned off the alarm and sheepishly snuck back to his room.  On the way he passed The Princess' empty room and was suddenly thankful that she was spending the night with Grandma.  He had forgotten all about that too!

Not being one to keep things to himself he told us the story once his brother returned. We laughed until we cried.  I thought it would make a great story for this week and he is looking forward to reading about himself :-)  If you wish to join in with a story (or read more) head on over to Sian's.  Storytelling Sunday is held on the first Sunday of every month and don't worry if you are late like me, no one minds in the least :-)