Sunday, 23 October 2011

A crafty project ...

We have all been really busy here with work as it is my long week. But tonight The Princess and I wanted to make a soft bodied fabric dummy to turn into a scarecrow. Thankfully my mom gave us a huge box of fabric a week ago that she was going to throw away. We found a large piece of calico in it perfect for our dummy.

First I laid down on the fabric and The Princess drew around me leaving a seam allowance. We then added quite a bit to the head as we wanted a big head. After I sewed the two pieces together we stuffed the body and sewed 'joints' as we went. So here is our 'dummy' ...

And here she is with clothes on. Not a bad few hours work and heaps of fun.  Now to decide what she will wear for Halloween.

We might even add more stuffing for Christmas and make her into Santa!


P.S.  I haven't forgotten about my Pretty Paper Party :-)  I have been working on it and will share after my day off.  Loving it!!!

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