Saturday, 8 October 2011

Michael's Wedding

Last Sunday we went to my cousin Michael's wedding.  It was in a beautiful location in a park near the river.  I have a very eclectic family and this wedding was no exception.  I made their wedding invitations for them as a wedding present, which they loved.  Here are a few photos from the day.  I should have taken my camera to the reception as I didn't get a photo of the cake my Aunt made.  I think I shall have to grab a few from my other cousin who took their wedding photos.

My mom helping to get the Groomsmen ready.  The far left person is also my cousin.  The Grooms brother.

The Bride and her father

The start of the ceremony.  Jesinta and Michael

The bride also had seven Brides-people.  The two men are her brothers.

Signing the certificate

Best group shot I could get.  They were an impatient lot!!!  The lady in the big hat is my Aunt
The weather was wonderful and sunny but not too warm.  A tiny breeze to blow away the mozzies would have been a bonus, but otherwise it was perfect and short!  Their sister gets married early next year and her wedding will be bigger than Ben Hur.

Congratulations Jesinta and Michael.  I pray that you have many, many years of happiness together.


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  1. I love weddings! I've never been to an outdoor one, mainly due to the weather in the UK...and everyone I know in Spain is already married :(
    Alison xx


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