Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Blog Therapy

I find writing blog posts wonderful therapy. "What posts?" I hear you saying.  Well ... I just haven't published them, but I have written many in the past few months.  All straight from my heart, drafted and re-drafted in my head late at night, and then released ... it is often like a weight lifted off one's shoulders.

Have you ever heard of the Stress Test?  It is a list of questions that you answer yes/no to about life events in the previous 12 months.  I have seen them around in the past and was recently exposed to them once again.  There is an online version of one HERE.

For this version of the test less than 150 is minor stress, 150-199 is mild stress, 200-299 is moderate stress, and over 300 is major stress.  In today's fast paced life I would say that many of us live with moderate stress on a daily basis.  We learn to cope and adapt until it feels 'normal'.  I took this particular test today and scored 859.

Most of us write blog posts about the happy stuff in our lives, we don't feel comfortable sharing the bad.  But what do you do when all you see is everyone's happiness and you can find so little of it yourself?  I write and create.  I haven't done much paper crafting recently, but I have written reams!  And pushed on by a friend I took up a new hobby, one without memories attached.  I am learning to crochet!

Here is my very first attempt at a granny square ...

It is a bit wonky and imperfect but I was very proud that I had finally managed to grasp the concept after some personalised tutoring!

My second attempt is a little better, but I am soooooooo slow!

I have even managed to change colour ...

And now I am working on a blanket made with these colours.  The center two colours will reverse in different blocks ...

The Princess and I went on an 'Op Shop Hop' (charity shop shopping!) looking for cheap yarn.  We found a nice collection including pure wool, along with this book (a bargain at only 50c).

The best way to consolidate your new knowledge is to teach and I have been passing on my new skill to The Princess.  She is faster than me, but not as determined to master it.  There are thousands of free on-line patterns and I am afraid that I have started to be a collector and not a do-er (much like paper crafts can be!) but I am determined to NOT let that happen.  I have some ideas for Christmas presents that I could crochet and I am going to give some a try.  Even if I only manage to finish one, I will call it successful!

Best wishes to all and I think that I am ready to re-enter the blog community.  I love the two way connection and have missed it recently.  You may just see me around more often :)