Thursday, 20 October 2011

Pretty Paper Party - Day 3

I had great plans after my day 1 post.  I even made another layout based on one of the other sketches while I was waiting for my day 2 prompt to hit my inbox.  But then disaster struck ... in the form of food poisoning.  YUK!  Needless to say I didn't do anything yesterday :-)

But I am back at it today and I have just finished a layout for the day 2 prompt.  I will photograph it later when there is light.  So now onto day 3 and I have discovered a HUGE gap in my patterned paper collection.  Did you know that I have hardly any tone on tone or small repeat patterns in my stash???????  It seems that I love patterns in all their glory along with plain cardstock.  The two extremes.  Day three is going to take me a while just to get organised enough to have the sheets of patterned papers required!!!!!

I am looking forward to seeing what I find, but this prompt will probably have to wait until my day off next week.  Maybe I should consider rearranging my stash.  I tend to keep collections together until there is hardly any left and then they go in the scrap-box according to their dominant colour.  Maybe I should just file all the papers I buy according to colour too.  Then it would be nice and easy to pull out 8 sheets of co-ordinating colour!!!  Do you have any suggestions?  Have you found a productive way of storing your full sheets?  Strangely enough I stored them by colour when I first started 'collecting' papers.  After I became familiar with companies and bought whole collections, I changed how I stored them.

Stay tuned until next week for the results of this prompt :-)  I wonder if the missing type of patterned paper is part of the reason I often fiddle with a single page for hours trying to 'fix' my layout.  That could be what my eye is searching for .... hmmmmm .... will have to think on that!



  1. I'm enjoying this class too - and I only have the small tone on tone papers that have come in collections - I've never thought of buying them solo! For what it's worth I store my new stuff in collections and older stuff by colour - so not very coherent!

  2. Sorry to hear about the food poisoning...hope you're feeling better! Like Helen, my old stash is sorted by colour, but the new stuff by collection
    Alison xx


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