Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Pretty Paper Party - Day 1

Ohhhhhhhhhh ... Day one of the party!!!!!  Did you join in?  If not, why not do it now ... click on the link on the right and jump in at any time.  The best part is that this party can last as long as it takes to finish.  Great for busy people like me!  The fist step was to take a photo of some of your paper, or a sheet of your favourite paper.  After much thought I decided to show you a photo of the patterned paper that lives on my desk to encourage me to use it.  Bear in mind this is only a small portion of my paper stash (maybe I shouldn't have said that ...).  The plan is to rotate papers in and out of the paper holders from my main stash so that I have less to chose from and actually use it!

I loved todays prompt about using up your scraps, however I decided to do a layout using the same ideas but finally using papers from one of those cheap stacks we all bought long ago!  The colours are very nice on the papers but the style of them is just not me anymore.  However by cutting them up I really like them on the page.

VERY old Autumn Leaves Paperbilities stack
I love the stitching and the paper strips, however I do not like the beads.  The idea worked in my head but not on the page, but once I had committed myself I had to keep going.  I even found some old journalling blocks in the same colours (which were probably bought at the same time!) and so I used them too.

I will definitely be using this idea again.  I had so much fun stitching the strips on.  A very relaxing way to spend my day off.  I hope that I can sort of keep up for the rest of the week.  Waiting for my next prompt to come through.  They usually land in my inbox around now.



  1. I think the beads look great. I might even have to use some of mine that have been gathering dust for a loooooong time :0)

    Thanks for the comment on Samuel's new book. He has dyslexia and finds reading quite difficult but when he finds a book he like he will read and read. For your eldest son you should look out for books by Chris Ryan. He writes adult books but also has a good range of teenage books too. Samuel has just read Agent 21 and is eagerly awaiting the next one. Great for boys who like Laser Tag, Army etc!!!

  2. Great job with the old papers!
    Alison xx


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