About Me

Once upon a time there was a girl who always saw the cherry on top in everything she did. As she grew up the cherry became harder and harder to find. This is her journey to put the cherry back on top where it belongs.

I have traveled far and wide (although there is still plenty more to see!) but have settled down for now in the place I spent most of my childhood.

This is my life ... this is me.  You are welcome to poke around, you just never know what you will find!

Chipper xoxox

My Family

The Love Of My Life (LOML) is funny, serious, exciting and sensible all rolled into one. There is no one quite like him and I would never be without! We work as a team and enjoy life together.

Then there is Me, the cherry girl. I love adventure and travel and many say that I chat too much. In the pages of this blog you will find bits of me, that altogether make the whole.

Our eldest son is The Extrovert and the natural entertainer in our family. He has a heart of gold and brings a smile to the heart of everyone he meets. Always right in the middle of everything, he drags his siblings into adventure at every step.

Then came The Thinker. He received a dose of analytical thinking from each of us! He is always two steps ahead of his siblings but his cheeky smile infects everyone around him, and before you know it, his dry witty humour has everyone laughing.

The Princess is our sunshine. The girly-est of girls to be found, pink dominates everything she does. A more beautiful treasure you will never find.

Last, but by no means least, is The Beagle. A stubborn, mischievious four legged family member who we would never be without.