Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Open wide ... it's an aeroplane

When dining at the 50's Prime Time cafe in Disney's Studios it is never wise to leave an unfinished portion of dinner on your plate.  The waiter is likely to pick up your fork and make it into a aeroplane and fly it towards the hopefully open 'hanger'!!!!  Funny if you are a kid, embarrassing if you are an adult. (I finished everything on my plate!)  I actually think The Extrovert deliberately left some food on his plate so he could be in on all the action.

My Little Shoe Box 'Garden Party' & 'Home Tweet Home'

I used some papers from My Little Shoebox (along with a scrap of American Crafts clouds) and quickly assembled the base of this layout.  If it wasn't for all the hand stitching this would have been another quick one!  I cut the plane on my Cricut and stitched a loopy flight path.  I then stitched the "open wide" in the same thread.  After all the time (and patience) it took to stitch those two bits, I cheated and drew stitching lines everywhere else.  I added a few extra clouds for a bit more detail and this one was done.  I have been itching to use some of these papers and they weren't working with any photo I had to hand but they were a perfect fit for this one :-)


P.S. I always spell 'airplane' like this and for some reason when it came to doing the title I spelt it 'aeroplane'!  As I was doing this page I had the tune from an old Aussie TV commercial about 'Aeroplane Jelly' floating around in my head and without realising it I spelt it the way they do.  And I don't even call jell-o 'jelly'!!!!!!  Oh the woes of a mixed up childhood LOL  Here is the advert that was replayed on TV when I was a kid.  Enjoy, and don't get the song stuck in your head :-)

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  1. Oooh... I had that MLS scallop circle paper. Totally fab LO and the hand stitching makes it so special and personal.


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