Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween Craft-a-thon

I am glad my day off moved to today as I am exhausted. We had a great time on Saturday and most of the ladies joined in and dressed up. Witches seemed to be the order of the day as we had lots of those. Probably because the hit musical 'Wicked' has only recently finished performing here. We also had an evil nurse, a dead school girl, a new mum complete with devil baby, and a crazy wig.

My wings were too uncomfortable so I took them off and ended up looking a little gothic :-)  I didn't have any purple eye shadow so I used some purple Smooch instead.  It worked fine but took quite a while to dry.  Thankfully it washed off easily!  I have attached a few photos below for you.  Lunch was a huge hit with the ladies as always, and so were the homemade cookies.

Now to clear my desk and party with my pretty paper!


Our wall at the end of the evening.  I have more photos to add.

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  1. What a great turn-out you had...looks like great fun!
    Alison xx


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