Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Birthday Boy

I know I haven't posted a great deal here, but our life has been just a little busy.  And part of that was due to The Extrovert turning 14!!!!! (boy do I feel old right now!)  How time flies.  It seems like only a few years ago that he was starting school and now I only have a handful of years left of his schooling (4 more years of high school!).

Earlier this year he was growing like a weed and constantly measuring himself against me.  It was driving my crazy so I told him that there was no more measuring until his birthday.  As the day arrived and the great big measure off was due to happen and I was sooooooo nervous.  But I shouldn't have been ...

I am still taller ... JUST!
So I am still the second tallest in the family, but I don't think I will be for much longer :-)

All he has been asking for is an iPod touch for his birthday for the past year.  But they are sooooo expensive over here and we didn't think we would be able to get one.  The day before his birthday we went shopping to try to find ANYTHING a 14 year old might like, and low and behold the iPod touch was on special!!!!!!  To say that he was excited was an understatement.  I wrapped it in a shirt to disguise it :-)

Very excited!
The other children were also surprised and I think we had better start looking for more specials LOL

So happy birthday to my eldest.  Love you lots!

During all of this I have squeezed in a bit of crafting but I refuse to take photos at night now as the quality is just appalling.  Which means that they haven't been getting posted.  I think I am going to try setting up posts to spread them out over the week.  Wish me luck as I could break the whole thing completely and loose my blog!!!


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  1. What a great surprise for your son...and a great deal for you!
    alison xx


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