Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Thank you :-)

Thanks for the comments left on my previous post.  Sometimes gift selecting can be a challenge ... especially when I don't like to just give a gift certificate.  I took your advise and looked at Pinterest.  I had looked there before but I think I was looking with blinkers on.  I never thought to actually click through to the original sites and that they would have even more info.  What a few days I have had!

Well I have found some things to make and now I have to go off and price the needed materials.  If any of you are interested I have pinned what I have found so far HERE.  I shall keep adding to it as I am still looking for more beauty product recipes.  Instead of making all of those beauty products, which would kill the budget, I think I might compile them all into a mini book for my teenage niece to make herself after Christmas.  Sort of like a recipe book for beauty :-)  My favourite find of the day was THIS for the small people in the family.  Lets hope I can find some great value fabric, even better if it had a Transformer print!

Thanks for the pick me up :-)  I really appreciate it.


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