Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Pretty Paper Party Prompt 3

I finally finished the third prompt, well almost.  I still have to go find photos and do the finishing touches!  I had a friend come over today for some scrapping time and I got so much accomplished!  I am glad I tackled this prompt properly and didn't let myself get worried over falling behind.  I learnt quite a bit about what I do and don't like and even made a few pages that are NOT my normal style.  It is going to be just as interesting finishing them off!

I initially found this quite a challenge as I often use a patterned paper as my background. So to cut them all up at the start was a SHOCK!!!! I struggled in the beginning but once I got in the grove the rest flowed really easily.  I was very surprised at the results especially as I was using almost all papers that were very old (only two were even double sided!) and many of them had come from books that I pulled apart when I did my big re-organize.

I started with the papers in the first photo using the multi-colored stripe as my inspiration. I did have to add one more patterned and a few more plain as I went on. Some of the layouts are more embellished than others as I have photos in mind for a few of them and others I will embellish later. I made a total of 10 layouts and 6 cards. The last two cards still need to be finished but I can't find the right stamp for them at the moment.

You will see at the end that I had very few scraps left!!!! And these ALL went in the bin/trash!!!!!!!! I hope these photos go up in order as I am using the Blogger App for iPhone.

Party hard :-)


Thanks for taking the time to brighten my day :-)
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