Sunday, 13 November 2011

Journal Your Christmas 2011

Over at Shimelle's she is asking what your favourite size is when it comes to Christmas scrapping.  Well to be honest with you I haven't scrapped very many Christmas photos in the past but I want to change that RIGHT NOW!  I can however tell you what my favourite scrapping size is ... 8x8.  This is currently a very unfashionable size where I am living right now, but I love how fast it comes together.  I am not a scrapper who believes that every page must be a masterpiece that takes days to come together (I do however know lots of people who do LOL) and 8x8 pages can look like a 'masterpiece' without taking so much time.

All of my earlier scrapping was given away to the multiple sets of Grandparents and Great-Grandparents that my children are blessed to have who live all around the globe.  I can't even remember what most of the albums looked like now.  So this Christmas album is going to be for us to keep just like everything else I have scrapped so far this year (no more whole albums for Grandparents, just pages here and there!).  When unpacking my stash earlier this year I came across this kit by K&Co's Tim Coffey and put it aside thinking that I really need to use it.  So I shall use it for this years Christmas album.  It is an unusual size of 8.5x8.5 but that is close enough to my favourite size :-)  When I opened the box the album is quite luxurious as the red is flocked!

It came with 20 page inserts (thank goodness for that as I don't think I would find refills anymore for that size!), a pack of Grand Adhesions, a pack of Epoxy stickers, and a pad of 8.5x8.5 patterned papers.  So this is a great start for me to add to.  I have added some brads, HOTP brad buddies, ribbons and buttons so far to my kit.  I am off to get matching Bazzill today and I think I will limit this to a co-ordinating red, green, purple and white/silver.  Purple you may be asking? One of the pages has a hint of purple and I think a little of it will contrast nicely.  There are also a few blue pages, but this time around I don't want to add too much blue.  The page below is one of my favourite from the stack.  I think that is because I love traditional Christmas colours and I LOVE candy canes!

Now that I have the basics put together I am ready to go!  I am not actually doing Shimelle's class as it isn't really in the budget especially as I have yet to finish the last two.  But I will be making a Christmas album and documenting our Christmas this year.  It won't contain daily entries, just the events that make Christmas one of my most favourite times of the year!


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  1. Like the album...I did my first JYC last year but personalised it and didn't follow all Shimelle's prompts
    Alison xx


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