Thursday, 17 November 2011

My first homemade gift of the season ...

Ok, so it is homemade but I won't be using it for Christmas :-)  While looking on Pinterest for things to make as gifts this year I found this pattern at a very nice blog called The Cottage Home.  It is a fabric notepad holder and was very easy to make.  I shall definitely be making more!  I made this one for my mom for her birthday today.  I hope she likes it :-)  I think she will.  I used one of my fav buttons that I have been hoarding for years on the front (sorry the photo is not great) and the solid red will bring back memories.  I wonder if she will remember where it is from?  It was a scrap left over from when we made a baby quilt when I was expecting The Extrovert.  We used it in everything from the bumper, headboard, curtains, diaper holder and quilt.  The Princess and I went fabric shopping yesterday and found the rest of the fabrics.  When we walked into the store they had just marked almost all their fat quarters down to half price, YEAH! 


Who would have thought that it would be so difficult to find a notebook to put in the inside!  I eventually found one this morning but it had a Disney Fairies cover, opps :-)  So I covered it to match.  No one will ever know if you don't tell them as my mom won't be reading this... shhhhhh.  The top is loose to cover the spirals but still allow it to open easily.

Inside with notebook on the right

Inside with notebook moved out of the way :-)
I stamped on a scrap of twill to make a name plate for the back.  It reads 'My Mom'.  I really need to get myself a tiny alpha stamp set so that I can stamp out longer messages.

The back
I really like the way it turned out and I can make more quite quickly.  If any of you like to sew I would recommend The Cottage Home as the instructions were very easy to follow and the cutting guides were explained properly.  I will modify a few parts for my next one as I have an overlocker/serger which will make the finished result neater.  But I always follow the pattern the first time :-)  Saves on mistakes!

Happy Birthday to my Mom!!!!

P.S. Do you like my new music????  Does it feel like Christmas???  :-)  If your sound is off, please turn it on or you will be missing out!


  1. Clever you....and I loved the musical surprises!!!
    Alison xx

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