Tuesday, 22 November 2011

I am still around :-)

I have had a very busy week and an even busier day. I made 8 more notebook covers today for Christmas, including one for myself. I altered the measurements slightly to allow them to accommodate an A5 book or diary if I so choose. The first three helped me perfect my new measurements and then I made the last 5 all at once. A much faster way to sew, but not a good idea if you aren't sure of the pattern!

The cover at the bottom of the picture is for me. I made it using the left over fabric from The Extrovert's baby quilt.

How is your Christmas shopping going?

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  1. Lovely covers..and 'O Holy Night' is one of my faves! Loved the Australian version of 'Jingle Bells'too!!!!
    Alison xx


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