Sunday, 13 November 2011

Pretty Paper Party Prompt 4

Lets get rebellious and mix dots with stripes!!!!!  Funnily enough I have always done that in my scrapping, but it is not something I would do with my clothing!  So to begin with I went to my multi coloured paper box and selected a stripe and a matching large dot (which I didn't use).  I then found matching spots and stripes in the other colour boxes.  I am finding this way of scrapping so much faster and I LOVE having all my papers organised by colour.  It was so much quicker finding matching papers and funnily enough NONE of them come from the same collection or company!

Here is the layout I made mixing spots and stripes.  Both of the blue papers are patterned with the top one being spotty and the bottom one a chevron.  The photos were taken in 2000 so it is about time they got scrapped!

The other day when I was reorganising my embellishments I spent ages sorting all of my buttons and I used a few of them on this layout.  There are buttons at the bottom but I only had three of each colour in that size and so I made a bigger embellishment and used a number 2 button as well.  I also used a balloon button and some word ones!  So I think it is safe to say that I went a little button crazy :-)
Ribbons also came into the mix with the red ric-rac (a variation of a stripe!) and the twine in the buttons and on the balloon.  There were a few more photos taken of this birthday tent so I used the scraps to make a second page to keep them all together.  I don't think this group of photos needs more than the two pages in the album as they are only a small part of The Extrovert's 2nd birthday.  I can't believe how many papers I am using.  Some of these I have had for YEARS!  The orange on the page is from a 6x12 Cricut paper pad that I got when I bought the original Cricut.  That is 5 years ago now!  But because I took all of the papers out of the pads they were in and organised them by colour I am now using them.  Amazing!

The two pages together.  The one of the right made with the scraps.

Sorry about the poor lighting in the photos but it is still early and it is over cast.  I am off for a drive to my Uncle's farm today to collect half a cow.  I have to tell the butcher how I want it cut up :-)  By the end of the day I am going to have one very full freezer LOL  But the meat taste sooooo good and it is far cheaper that the supermarket, plus I know exactly where it came from.  So I have no idea if I will get my usual dose of Sunday scrapping as I will probably still be bagging meat for the freezer.

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