Monday, 12 September 2011

Random post just because I can ...

I read a post just recently by Sparkling Gnome about 10 songs that kick start her creativity.  I haven't had a chance to hear what those songs are as I never know the name and artist of any song, however it got me thinking about music.  I learnt the piano as a child, and sang, and played percussion instruments.  But above all else I love to sing (this does not translate to being any good though!).  My teacher was quite old fashioned and I never sang anything modern, but as I wasn't allowed to listen to the radio as a child, I never felt I was missing out.

I think that because I like to sing I hear the lyrics to songs where others may only hear the music.  This means that there are some great songs out there that I would listen to if the lyrics were nicer!  I still don't listen to the radio much as it was never a habit that I developed, but recently I keep hearing the same song every time the radio is on no matter where I am.  The first time I heard it I cried.  It is like a very sad poem put to music.  This morning I heard it while I was sitting at my computer at work, so I googled one line of the lyrics to find out who was singing it.  It is called "Jar of Hearts" by Christina Perri, you may already know which song I mean :-)  I tried to just copy the lyrics here for you to read, but I can't find a copyable version and I don't have the time to type them out.  So here is a link to the song :-)

I wonder why I keep hearing it???

Randomness over for now, sorry if this is of no interest to you but I just felt like saying it :-)

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