Sunday, 11 September 2011

LSNED - Day 10

"Do not leave things until the last minute!"

I am sure this is a lesson that we all learn from time to time, and it is one that I have to keep reminding myself frequently.  You could say that I learnt it good this time around!  I had great plans to give my cousin and his wife a nappy/diaper cake and some baby shower thankyou cards as a gift for their baby shower on Sunday. I did manage to finish them all but not one piece is how I had wanted it to be.  Probably my only saving grace is that I have a Cricut machine and neither of them craft! LOL

Here is what I made them.  I am taking the photos at work and I am surrounded by industrial buildings.  These are the best backgrounds I can get :-)

Nappy/Diaper cake

Baby Shower Thank you cards
I used the Cricut cartridge 'New Arrivals' and cut all the animals at 5in.  That way I could use my matching Peachy Keen stamps for their faces.  It really finishes the animals off nicely and there is no way that I could draw the faces myself!  The cards were cut from the same cartridge and I really had to hunt for generic baby colours!!!  The Princess helped me decorate the cards and she put the chalked cheeks on all the animals.  The Thinker hunted the internet for a baby shower thank you poem for the inside and he found a great site HERE.

So never leave things till the last minute or you end up having to rush!!!!


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  1. Yes! Great lesson and one I do need to learn. I tell myself I work better under pressure, but that's just an excuse..

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I'll be back to see what other lessons you have learned (and what other lovely things you have made!)


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