Friday, 2 September 2011

LSNED - Day 1

Today was an ordinary day, with ordinary hiccups, and ordinary 'to do lists' not getting accomplished.  Until I went to the primary school Music Showcase to watch The Princess sing in the choir.  Many memories came flooding back during that 2hr show.  Some great, some sad.  I don't think that it is ever a good idea to have a perfectionist teach a perfectionist, especially when it comes to music.  Is there ever any music that is performed or played perfectly?

So my lesson for today ...
"Perhaps there is a chance that I wasn't such a terrible musician after all."
I wish I had learnt that lesson a long time ago.



  1. Even belatedly, that is a good lesson to have learned.....I would hate to think you had been put off playing (or enjoying playing)whatever instrument(s) you think you weren't good enough at!

  2. Meant to say....thank you for your advice about cooking with a slowcooker-I'm about to try the non-browning method!
    Alison xx


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