Wednesday, 7 September 2011

LSNED - Day 6

"Surprising interruptions to your well planed day can be very enjoyable!"

I had my day off planned down to the second (well almost!).  I even got up early to enjoy as much as possible.  My original list has only half crossed off as the afternoon didn't go to plan.  But they were all good changes.  THE LOML arrived home earlier than normal so I had lunch with him.  When the kids came home a few hours later they all had stuff that had to be done RIGHT NOW!!!  But that is the great thing about a day off.  The Extrovert was given a science project that didn't need to be done then.  But as we were home during daylight and the sun was shining, we went for our bush walk to collect all the needed specimens right away.  He had to collect plant specimens from all different types of plants.  He then has two weeks to research about them and present them as a display.  After discussing it he decided to press the specimens.  He photographed each of them after we got home.  Here are some of his photos.

We are even trying to press a slice of the mushroom.  So now all of the specimens are 'pressing' under piles of heavy books, with the exception of the lichen and moss as they are drying in paper bags.

Meanwhile The Princess 'forgot' that she needed a R costume or a helper from the community costume for tomorrow.  Nothing like short notice.  So we recycled an old costume that was in the dress up box and she became 'Robin Hood'!  And of course it needed repairing so out came the sewing machine.

My day ended even better than I had planned :-)  But it is still good to start with a plan, just be prepared to be flexible!


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  1. Sounds like a great day. Loved the last minute Robin Hood costume. This week the twins started College and youngest ds went to school. Last time he attended school was when he was 7 (he's 14 now). I was alone today. After a jerky start I did lots of cleaning, washing and ironing and listening to Christian teaching on my I-pad. Feeling excited for the future as I'm involved with a Kenya Charity.


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