Tuesday, 13 September 2011


The Princess is performing in a schools dance competition today called J-Rock.  They have been rehearsing for over 4 months and we got to see the final dress rehearsal yesterday.  She is a bootscootin' meerkat!  A few years ago she wouldn't have even set foot on the stage let alone joined everyone in dancing at the Convention Center in front of 100's of people!  We are so proud of her.

They are at the center all day today and each school has time to rehearse at the venue, and then there are activities for the kids.  The theme this year was 'tropical' and they were asked to wear grass skirts or leis for the activities.  So for the past week The Princess and I have been making a grass skirt out of raffia.  I sewed the buttons on last night and here she is this morning ready to go.

She has a multi coloured grass skirt which is sure to be a hit with her friends! Although I am not sure how long she will wear it for as she says it tickles her legs LOL  I wonder how much raffia will still be attached to the waist band by the time she gets home?

I can't wait to see all the performances tonight.  She is there for over 12hrs today.  They even had to take a pillow and blanket for rest time.


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  1. Hope it all went well...she looks great in her outfit!
    Alison xx


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