Friday, 2 September 2011

LSNED - Day 2

"Sometimes friends come from the most unexpected places."
I think this is a lesson that we all need to learn.  This is something that I need to keep reminding myself.



  1. What an amazing pondering for today....i really love it. :) I have been amazed at the friends I have met through all sorts of online outlets, and they are so special to me.
    I really, really appreciate your sweet comments on my blog...they mean a great deal, and are so encouraging. Thank you very very much. Friends DO come from the most unexpected places. <3

  2. Lovin what you've done for the LSNED class. Will look forward to seeing what you add each day. Hugs,

  3. You are so right...and blogland is full of them! Thanks for the crockpot recipe...and the chili (no browning!)was really tasty, though I need to remember to add less liquid than I did, I think!
    Alison xx

  4. I love what you've done for LSNED, so true!


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