Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Shock and disbelief!

I am shocked and have a certain amount of disbelief!  I won the 'Starting Point' challenge over at the amazing scrapbooking weekend that Shimelle ran online.  It made my night.  To be completely honest with you it has been a rough couple of months here.  I am guilty of not being thankful for what I have and struggling to come up with ways to keep what I had.  Maybe this is God's way of forcing me grow ... but I digress :-)

Here is the page I entered in the challenge.  It has become my second favourite page of the year and only lost top standing in my eyes when I made my page for the 'Bingo Card' challenge.

What a roller coaster day!!!  At least it is ending on a high :-)  The Thinker is very excited that we won with a page featuring him and his friend.  Thank you Shimelle for organising this weekend.  I was pushed to complete pages when it would have been easier to curl up in bed.  I tried things I would never have tried and have visited blogs of some very amazing and talented people.  I have even cried over a blog post or two.  I still plan on finishing these challenges as time allows.  If you didn't seize the opportunity to complete any of the challenges, perhaps you should head on over the do one anyway, just for yourself.

Thank you,


  1. Wow, that's so great... Congratulations!! I loved that LO at the time (and still do). You are a talented scrapper and have been making inspiring LOs. Sorry to hear times have been rough. Hugs,

  2. I saw on Shimelle's blog that you had won, and was going to pop over later with my congrats! Sorry to hear things haven't been so good with you, but glad to hear that scrapping is helping. In answer to your question about DD's knitting-she ripped it out and started again, but is determined to finish it..and was looking at patterns for jumpers/sweaters when I spoke to her today!
    Alison x


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