Thursday, 18 August 2011

Half Page Challenge

This challenged frightened the life out of me!  Scrap using only HALF the page!!!!!!!  I didn't think I could do it, so I didn't.  Until last night that is.  On Monday morning I went and looked at the pages other people had done for this one.  I don't remember any one in particular but I was amazed that none of them looked "empty", so I thought I would give it a go.  Originally I was going to use a busy page for the background to make it a feature of the design, but it wasn't happening for me.  As I wandered around the shop looking for inspiration, this UGLY paper jumped off the shelves and into my hands screaming "Please help me!".  It seems there were still lots of them left as no one was liking them.

(You may notice that I used the left over aqua/teal back on my 'Hot pink hoopla' page as it is a beautiful colour)  Then I was inspired.  The pattern in the center is quite pretty but it lacked colour, so I transported myself back to primary school and got out the gel pens.  I cut it just less than half and trimmed off the orange.  I then started colouring the flowers and some of the greenery.  It was such fun, time ran away with me (opps!).

So here is my completed page on a lighter pink background featuring The Princess as a very small girl at Easter.

Prima 'Paisley Road' collection
I really liked this one when I had finished it, even if it did take me longer to colour in the background than to assemble the rest of it LOL  I used glittery gel pens so it has lots of sparkle.  Added a few stickers and scraps of paper and ribbon.  The flourish is a new one by Dusty Attic which I cut a few bits off so that it didn't cover my beautiful colouring :-)  I sprayed it with Glimmer Mist Chalk 'hot chocolate' and it looks good enough to eat.  This weekend I am going to borrow a teeny tiny butterfly punch from a friend and add just a couple weeny butterflies to it, but all in all it is finished.

Two layouts completed in one night!  I think I should find more challenges to do, I seem to be getting lots done.  Perhaps that is because these challenges are not too specific.  They still leave lots to the imagination but give me some focus at the start.

I hope you are having a great week.  Mine seems to be improving day by day:-)

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