Sunday, 21 August 2011

Bingo Card Challenge

I am sure that you have realised by now that I didn't get to make a second layout on Thursday evening.  I was planing on it ... however, I fell asleep after I got home and slept right through till morning.  11 hours straight!!!!!  I knew I was tired, but that seems a bit ridiculus!!! (on a side note I did the same thing last night LOL).  So now there is no chance that I will finish all of the challenges in time, but I have completed more than half now so I am very happy.  Not too bad considering that I have worked for the past two weeks without a day off (one of the joys of being self employed LOL) and still have two more to go before I get a day to myself.

On to the challenge ... the bingo cards & butterflies challenge intrigued me.  I have seen so many layouts using bingo cards but I haven't ever used them myself.  Here is my version.  The title reads "LOOK" no hands ...

I think I have my confidence back as I love this one!  It was so much fun to make.  It is hard to tell in the photo but the background Bazzill has been sprayed and splattered (for some reason my internet is playing up and I can't get a good upload of the photo).  The stitching around the edge is a random looking pattern that I found on my machine.  It doesn't look anything like it is supposed to, but it was what I was looking for.  When I was sewing practice strips The Extrovert came in and wanted to know why I was sewing rows on a strap of paper :-)

I have a drawer in my caddy that holds all sorts of sea themed bits that I have been collecting for years.  That little draw got a work out for this layout.  I delved in and grabbed shells, starfish, metal plaques and the pearl strip.  I had great fun dyeing the muslin and building up the layers of scraps of embellishments.  I even had another chance to use the Glimmer Glaze I got for my birthday.  I painted the chipboard scalloped border in the left over paint that I mixed for the background. Then I stuck my finger in the glaze and randomly painted it.  Talk about being back in kindergarten!!!!

The photo is The Thinker at Discovery Cove.  While not technically the beach, they do try to make you feel like you are there.  As he wasn't a confident swimmer at the time, he is wearing a floatation vest.  It was great having all three kids in these for the day as it took a great deal of the stress out of swimming with them.  They even got to enjoy some snorkeling with fish as they floated on the top.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend,

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  1. Lots of lovely layering and interesting bits to look at on this LO. Great memory captured too.


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