Friday, 12 August 2011

Early birthday present

I am looking forward to a wonderful weekend (even if it features work every day!) after the great start today. The LOML took me out to Sebastian's for an early birthday lunch.  It is the only day we both have lunch free at the same time and that there is adequate coverage in the shop.  We enjoyed a beautiful 3 course lunch and I am still full now almost eight hours later!  My WW leader would say I wasn't listening to my hunger signals at lunch today LOL.  We shared some garlic bread and a seafood tasting plate for starter.  It had the most amazing tempura coated whiting I have ever tasted.  I then chose stuffed calamari and salad for my main, while The LOML decided on grilled barramundi with  chips and salad.  Hmmmmm ... it seems we only had seafood.  You can't have a birthday lunch without dessert, so I finished with apple pie and he had sticky date pudding.  A tremendously wonderful lunch out.  I was still so full when I got home that I went for a walk around the block to keep the blood flowing.  All I wanted to do was fall onto the bed and have a nap!  I felt the same way you do when you over indulge at Christmas :-)

Now my plan is to spend the weekend evenings crafting.  It was so nice of Shimelle to organise a weekend long craft session for us all, and doubly nice of her to do it on my birthday :-)  I am still waiting for the first challenge for Friday due to the time difference, this is one of those times it can be a slight pain.  Hopefully it is posted as I am typing this as it is starting to get late.  I don't have many photos available today, but I bought some new paper to try in the printer so I can print off some more for the weekend

I predict this is going to be a great weekend ...


  1. Your lunch sounds yummy....have a great Birthday!
    Alison xx

  2. Have a wonderful Birthday! Hope you get some lovely pressies and have a great time.
    I'm hoping to join in with Shimelle's weekend crop too. Had a friend over for tea so will get going tomorrow.
    I heard from ds... They finally arrived in Thailand and booked into a Hostel. Youngest ds went to Wales to have a holiday with Nanny and Grandad so just the twins at home. Seems quiet!


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