Monday, 8 August 2011

Poor neglected blog ...

My poor neglected blog!  It has been very chaotic around here for the past week and a bit as we were getting ready for a Craft Fair.  There is so much to do when you have a stand with a demonstration area attached.  So I though I would share some of the photos of the set up so that you could see what I have been doing.  As always, the only camera handy was on the iphone :-)

The big set up!

Ready to go!!!!

One end of the stand

And the other end of the stand

Demo area
It is always back breaking work for the two of us to set up the stand, but over the years we have gotten quite fast at it.  We had the whole stand set up in 3hrs :-)  It is very rewarding to see it finally ready to go!

Three days later and there isn't much left in the stand so breakdown only takes us an hour! LOL  And then we begin again unpacking back at the shop ... a never ending cycle.

I hope your past week has been as rewarding as mine.


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  1. Your stand looks amazing. I'm sure it was exhausting, but hopefully worth it. It's my youngest sons birthday today. We had a busy, family packed weekend in Wales, with canoeing and walks on the beach. Hoping to get back into the exploring soon and blogging. Tomorrow, Biggest ds goes backpacking in southeast Asia for 6 weeks. Busy, busy, busy :)


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