Friday, 22 July 2011

My Journey

We take many journeys during our life.  In my very first blog post I suggested that life was like a mighty river.  I still view life that way, but in todays prompt I wanted to explore my journey for this year.  So while I sat making my circle embellishments I thought about my year so far.  Until I got completely sidetracked with thoughts about circles.

Circles are perfect.  They are my favourite shape.  They have no beginning or end and continue to infinity (and beyond if you are a Toy Story fan LOL).  Circles are summed up in one word, perfection!  Quite interesting that in the prompt where we consider the journeys we have taken, we are also playing with circles!

So I took some printed maps, scraps of paper, a brown pen and some glossy accents and started playing.  And in that small journey learnt something new too ... don't print maps on regular (cheap) printer paper if you want to punch it out!!!!!  So I gave up on the maps and found a map stamp to use, I will save the maps for my playbook.

My trusty old Cricut cut out the wobbly circular shapes and I layered and played until I got something that wasn't completely bad and left it there.  All the while my mind jumped about thinking about the perfection of circles and the journeys I had taken.

This year my journey is about hope.  Hope that the future will turn out alright and that all of the rapids we face will be worth the risk.  It was a very therapeutic circle craft session!

Now it was time to add all my stuff to my playbook.  While I was eagerly awaiting Thursday's prompt due to the time difference, I took the time to start filling in my pages. Here they are so far.

Inside front cover

About me :-)

Top of journey page as journaling is personal :-)

As it was 9pm when the next prompt finally came through I will not be reading it until tomorrow, so I will remain one day behind. **sigh**


P.S.  This will only make sense to one person ... If you are still reading my blog we will ALL miss you :-)  All the best for everything in the future and I hope you continue to be alright.  My prayers are with you.


  1. Love what you've done so far...hope is a great thing-without it life often wouldn't be worth living!
    Alison xx

  2. I found it interesting reading about what you were thinking as you made circles. This has been a thought provoking class for me too since the start. In general, very positive and making me feel so thankful. i am not a 'heart on your sleeve kinda girl' and for me, I have been opening up quite a bit with this class. I always feel it's risky (as I could get hurt or rejected) but I'm just going for it. On a related note... i've heard of folks making online connections with people and even true friendships developing .... I enjoy reading your blog and getting your comments and feel like I'm making a new friend (shy smile).

  3. Thanks Alison.

    Mandy, I feel the same way too. You just never know who you will meet and where you will meet them :-)

    In some ways I think this blog is easier for me to write as there are only two people who have met me in person who read it. I can be as honest as I like and I am less likely to run into rejection. I am glad that you are doing the class as it means you have started to update your blog again :-) So lets keep going and see what today's prompt contains as it has just hit my inbox. YEAH! Now to go read and think ...


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