Monday, 18 July 2011

I love it when our children make us laugh!

My whole family plays an online game via Facebook.  I know it might sound crazy to you, but we have lots of fun.  It is like an interactive board game that never ends!  We all play together in the same alliance that has it's own private chat room, and we all have a name other than our own.  Through this game I have met lots of new people, some of whom I would now call friends.  They all know we are related and that the kids are just kids.  Most of you won't understand how this can happen, but it really isn't all that different from the blog-o-sphere.  On here we make connections to other people all the time, and at times we share some of THE most special moments in our lives with complete strangers.

Our alliance is currently at 'war' with another and to help us defend effectively an online phone chat was set up.  So out came the microphone for the computer this evening and it was very strange to hear the voices of people you had spoken to for ages via 'chat', but in real life ... I wonder if there is ever a time when the imagined voice of someone ever really matches the reality?  It has been great and of course the kids clamored to have a turn talking to these friends.  And what did they say when their time came?  "Hello" ... and then they doubled up with laughter and couldn't talk anymore.

I would have thought that as children of the digital age, they would have slid right into this new development.  But I guess children will always be children, and that is the beauty of it!  I remember when they each started to talk on the phone.  The boys both wanted to know what Grandma was doing IN the phone and why she wouldn't come out.  But The Princess only ever knew her Grandparents voices via the phone and just never talked back to them.  (Maybe that is why she is the shiest of the three?)  No matter how old they are children seem to all react the same.  At the end of it even I was having trouble not laughing!

I wonder what they will, or won't say tomorrow?


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