Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Explore my day ...

The start of a new week and I am already behind!  I know that it is now Wednesday and I am only doing Monday's prompt, but hey, that happens :-)

Where do I sleep?  In a lovely king (super king in some countries) size bed with a soft feather quilt.

Where do I sit?  Not many places at all really.  I LOVE my big old blue chair that sits in the morning sun.  Other than that, I spend most of my day standing and occasionally sitting at my very messy desk ... it seems to be the dumping ground for goods!

Where do I stand?  At work!  I stand and walk most of the day helping customers.  So I wear very comfy shoes and walk on a pillow of air :-)

Unfortunately my life right now is made up of work, work and more work.  It hasn't always been this way and it will definitely NOT stay this way.  I place more value on being at home with the ones I love than working.  I work to live, I DO NOT live to work!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your sit, stand sleep photos... It's been fascinating hasn't it, to see into other people's everyday? Glad your friend liked the free crochet patterns... Everyone is super welcome to help themselves :)
    I've got my parents coming across for a week and am therefore busy hosting. I'll be around a bit less but will drop by the blog when I can. This week will put me behind with explore but not to worry. Spent most of yesterday cleaning out the kitchen cupboards....eewww. More housework today :(


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