Wednesday, 20 July 2011

My Greatest Adventure ...

I have had many adventures in my life.  I moved half way around the world twice in my first five years of life.  As soon as I could I began to explore things on my own from rock climbing to world travel.  I have explored new food experiences, new business adventures and many other new things.

But my greatest adventure is my children.  They are sweet & precious, pain & great joy all rolled into one.  Although I enjoy every moment of their lives, I can't wait to see how each of them will find their own path in the world.  I pray that it will be smoother than mine, but just as rewarding in the end.

I went to buy a postcard for todays class, but it was pouring with rain and I didn't have any change.  The thought of a postcard with a cute little native animal on it was not appealing and as there really wouldn't really have been much else to choose from I gave up and made my own.  My second attempt was tolerable and so I wrote my message on the back, attached a commemorative royal wedding stamp and tomorrow I will post it to myself.
I worked with scraps again and on my desk I found a piece of photo paper that I had alcohol inked to try out a new colour scheme.  I added a bit more copper and muted it a little and then stamped it with a travel themed stamp.  A added three words stamped along one side (remember, discover, experience) and heat embossed it with tarnished gold.  Note to self: not all photo paper likes to be embossed and it sometimes bubbles!

I then used a double sided sticky sheet to stick it to some Bazzill Bling so that it wouldn't come apart in the post.  You can see that orange made an appearance again today.  Must be all those scraps on my desk!  Thankfully only in a piece of card I placed under the postcard for the photograph.

It was very interesting to contemplate all the adventures in my life.  I wonder what the next prompt will bring?  I am going to have to wait until tomorrow now as it is late and my prompt still hasn't arrived.  There are times when the time zone difference is a slight pain.

Take time to explore the world around you today,


  1. Love your 'postcard'...much better than shop-bought!
    Alison xx

  2. Great postcard and as I'm sure you'll soon see.... It's a map!


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