Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Explore ... A new beginning

I have enjoyed every Shimelle class I have ever participated in, but the description of this one didn't instantly jump out and grab me.  I am very time poor at the moment and I just wasn't sure.  So I put it out of my mind and wouldn't have given it a second thought until this morning as I was blog surfing on my day off.  I kept coming across blogs with pictures of 'playbooks' and all sorts of self-portraits.  Every post spoke of how they were surprised by the first prompt and how much each participant was looking forward to the coming month.  Well that was the final straw ... I signed up!

This is the first class that I will do 'live' with the rest of the class.  I am looking forward to a little bit of interaction with other participants.  I plan on doing each day in as much depth as the day allows and on my day off each week, fill it out a bit more.  Due to the time difference I should get the prompts each afternoon for that day, so that shouldn't prove to cause any difficulties as I only create at night anyway!  I am starting one day after everyone else, however I should be caught up by tomorrow.

Here is my completed playbook.  I found an old Maya Road acrylic album in my cupboard that I had attempted to alcohol ink.  It wasn't going to plan so I must have shoved it in the cupboard and forgot about it (as I do!).  Thankfully I had only inked the first page, so I turned the rest into this mini album.

I used scraps that were on my desk and so for the second time in one day I USED ORANGE!  I think the there might be a blue moon tonight! But I digress.  I have precut and inked the pages for the different layers to help save time on my busier days.  The wonderful thing about ring bound albums is that you can add pages anywhere at any time.  When I have completely finished this mini album I will tie ribbons and embellishments to the rings, but for now they would only get in the way.

The first prompt was a little challenging but at least I had a heads up that it was coming.  To take a self portrait in a mirror and include your camera.  Not my favourite thing to do, but we are 'exploring' new things.  So I bring to you, me ...

It is my day off today and I am not getting 'dolled' up for any reason what so ever.  This is me when I am at my most comfortable.  In my PJ's and robe in the middle of winter.  I deliberately took the photo in low light to create shadows and only a hint of me :-)  Now I am off to write my journal entry and I think I will tackle today's prompt tomorrow as it is late here.

Join me on my personal adventure, exploring the world around me.


  1. Glad you're joining this class... I Added you as a friend.... Hope that's OK?

  2. looking forward to seeing what you get up to...I'm not doing this one, as I've got houseguests for a week, then I'm off to the UK for a couple of weeks!
    Alison xx


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