Sunday, 28 July 2013

Which tea are you?

I saw this image on Facebook today which a tea addict friend posted.  For my next BIG birthday I would like to have a Mad Hatter's Tea Party.  I have it all planned in my head and part of it includes a table with each setting a different pattern of fine china.  And of course lots and lots of assorted tea-pots of different teas.  I dream of starting to collect the china one service at a time at markets, charity shops and other bargain outlets.  I won't even mind the occasional chip as the more character the better!  I think I'd better start soon ... :D

I tracked down the source of the image to the Artist and Illustrator  Helen L Smith.  It is well worth a look and she even has embroidery kits!  I needed a little cheer today and I thought that some of you could too.  So which is your favourite tea?


P.S.  I must add that I had an altogether different picture in my mind for 'p.m. tea' and it certainly had nothing to do with the afternoon/evening!  If you know what I mean ...  ;)


  1. LOL Chipper - I have seen these & similar drawings on greetings cards - she did a great guide to bras too!

  2. These are great, i've not seen them before. I'm with you on the pm tea..I thought this one probably related to me the most lol until i realised it meant evening tea!!

  3. All these made me laugh! I think I'm definitely and oddi-tea kind of girl.
    ps hope to see you tomorrow at the Scavenger Hunt linky.

  4. Hi Chipper. It's good to be catching up with you after being away. It was so nice to see that photo in the Scavenger Hunt post! Then I scrolled further on down and found the post about the job...does that mean you are on the lookout for a new opportunity? Hope you find something soon

  5. So witty! Wish I could paint like that. Off t follow your link!

  6. How adorable is that? I am partial to flirt-tea because of the pink (really, that's why). Of course, I am wondering why she didn't include flirt-tea's friend, naugh-tea!!


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