Thursday, 1 August 2013

Photo Scavenger Hunt Update

I am joining in with Rinda's Photo Scavenger Hunt this Summer Winter.  You can find all the details here and you still have time to join in.  The whole family has been searching for some of the harder ones and we have really enjoyed it so far.  In my last post I said that the kids and I were planning to go into the city to knock a few more off our list while The LOML had a hospital appointment.  On the drive in the weather turned nasty!  This was the view from the hospital into the city ...

Not sure where the 'light rain' was supposed to fall????
We decided not to brave the rain (and risk colds) to walk into the city.  As it turned out the Dr decided that she didn't need to run any additional tests so the appointment only lasted 20min and we drove home.  A little bit of a let down!  While we were waiting and gazing out the window bemoaning the lack of hunting, we started talking about the cloud in the shape of something item.  The Thinker looked out the window and said "They are in the shape of something right now!".  We all looked out in puzzlement.  (Do you see anything in the photo above, because I didn't)
"Smoke!" he said, "It looks like smoke".  LOL  Clever boy, but we will keep hunting for that one.

Later in the week it was sunny again (albeit cold!) and we took the kids to an indoor market.  If I can't find an outdoor market before the end I will have to use this one.  It is winter and all the outdoor markets are closed.  My dad and his wife opened a store here when it was first built in 1990 and I worked here on the weekends when I was with them.

It is only open Thursday thru Sunday (and Public Holidays) and there are permanent stalls and short term stalls.  It was a little disappointing going back there as I haven't been in years.  The economy has taken a toll on so many small businesses, the markets were only half filled and all of the short term stalls were just filled with overflow stuff so that it looked fuller.  The only part of the markets doing a roaring trade was the food court.

That same day we took the kids out for lunch as a school holiday treat.  We went here ...

One of our local pubs, and the best looking one.
It is a beautiful old building and not very far from where we live but we hardly ever go that direction.  The old pub sits in front of the market building and the markets were built to match it.  So I am going to use this as #18 Your local pub or coffee house.  Especially as I don't drink coffee!

How did those black trousers get there?
And today while I was making a cup of tea I looked up and saw this through the window.  A load of whites on the line with a single dark item :-)  The LOML knows that I only have two work trousers and I wash and wear them each day.  He didn't want me to be without them if I had to go into the office on Friday.  Isn't he lovely :)  But it did look kinda funny amongst all those whites.

That is my round up so far.  If you want to see all my hunt posts just click on the label 'Photo Scavenger Hunt' or search for #chippershuntphotos on Instagram.

Happy hunting,


  1. Great that pub!!
    Alison xx

  2. Bum about the rain! But you've really been doing well. I really like the pub shot.

  3. I love your photos. They make me feel like I'm right there with you!

  4. Oh, you've already knocked off some of the harder ones. Good job.


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