Thursday, 11 July 2013

And the river of life takes another turn ...

“Have you time for a chat now?” he asked.

“Sure” she replied. 

“I’ll just close the door as the walls around here have ears.”

“So I’ve noticed.” she stated nervously, knowing exactly what was about to happen.

“The only way to say this is to just be blunt and get it over with.” He looked straight at her with only a hint of apology. “We need to terminate your contract.”

There … it was said … it was done. She wasn’t surprised and he knew.

“You were expecting this weren't you?” he asked. “I saw it in your eyes at the meeting yesterday. I searched the other faces to see if they had guessed, but it was only you.”

“I could tell. The numbers aren’t on the board and with four closing that means that there isn’t room for me. I understand your position as I’ve been in it before.”

“This is the first time I have ever had this conversation and not wanted to. I have told everyone else that the business isn’t for them. I am happy to give you a reference and maybe you will find employment elsewhere. Or you could wait, if you can, and when more open in 6-12 months we could hire you back.”

“So where do we go from here?” she asked, knowing that she still had work to complete, and struggling to make her thoughts focus.

“You can finish what you are working on and you will still be paid on anything that goes through. You can work this weekend if you have things to finalise and then your contract will officially terminate at the end of the month. That gives you time to finish things up but there is no need to come to meetings.”

She left the office and continued to finish the drawings she was working on. Hours later the tears were finally winning the struggle. It was time to go home and let them fall. Work would still be there later that evening. She packed her bags and said goodbye to her oblivious co-workers. The tears began the minute the car started.


  1. So sorry to hear sounds like the employment situation is the same as everywhere else...I truly hope you find something else soon!
    Alison xx

  2. What beautiful writing for such a sad situation.


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