Monday, 15 July 2013

Photo Scavenger Hunt Update

This year I am joining in with Rinda's Photo Scavenger Hunt.  You can find all of the details here and you have until September to collect as many as you can so there is still plenty of time to join in!

Last week the kids began two weeks of school holidays.  We stopped at a shopping center so The Princess could buy something she had been saving for and to drool over all the lovelies at the Apple Store.  While trying to find our way around the boys asked if I was going to take a photo of the dinosaur for my scavenger hunt.  I hadn't even seen him!!!!!  There were dinos all over the place ready for the school holidays.  I laughed when I realised that they really were getting into the spirit of the hunt.  So we walked and I took photos like a little kid, even though we already had our hunt photo.  So here are more photos of #20 A Dinosaur ...

A scary T-Rex
There were little dinos too
Including a photo with me that the Extrovert kindly took.
I had been struggling with #4 An Airplane even though I drove past the airport numerous times a week.  I see them all the time but trying to get a good shot with my phone while NOT driving is very difficult.  I had this one ...

The LOML snapped this one while I was driving
 And then this one when it was coming in to land while I was sitting at a set of traffic lights ...

I caught this one and cropped out the cars
 But then today I found the perfect plane to photograph ...

US Air Force Monopoly
I could have also used the FAB playing pieces ...

Monopoly playing pieces.
The Thinker (along with all of the family except me) plays a Footy (AFL) tipping competition on his iPod via an app.  It is sponsored by a local fast food chain and everyone who gets all of the tips right in a single round (week) wins a free burger.  His voucher expired today and not wanting him to miss out we popped down to one this afternoon.  Along the way we detoured past our City Council building and in between showers I quickly snapped a few shots of #3 City Hall or similar Civic Building.

Our local City Council Office
This is the new building which I had actually forgotten they had built.  I grew up in this area when we stayed at our dad's house.  My older brother (step-brother) had his wedding photos taken in the grounds many years ago.  In the photo below the river is down behind the trees and a few large ponds are around to the left.  In Spring it is always a beautiful location.

The war memorial
This is the older part of the building and on the roof I spied another tower for #8

A phone tower
And speaking of #8 A Tower, I snapped this photo last week when the kids were setting up another Monopoly.  As The Extrovert was putting together Monopoly Revolution (the worst version ever invented) he yelled out "Hey Mom, I found a tower for your photo hunt!"  So I had to quickly get the photo before I ran out the door to work.

Monopoly Revolution tower - it controls the game
As I didn't have to go to work today we played a family game of Monopoly (which is how I found the plane!) and it even included its own tower ...

Traffic Control Tower
Like most of our family games of Monopoly it turned into a marathon.  We love to play this game and it is a bonus that all five of us can play at once.  We have a huge Monopoly collection and have collected them while we traveled and they are also popular Christmas presents.  There is one I would love to add to our collection, the Coke Cola Vintage Adds board.  Today's game involved fierce trading, much yelling and coaxing, lots of laughs, and we even had to find a notebook to help keep track of all of the immunity deals that were mixed up in the trades!

After five and a half hours we finally had a winner.  It was down to The LOML and The Princess and money flew back and forth frantically until finally the scales tipped and The LOML won!

The kids and I are headed into the city tomorrow and hope to spy a few more items off of the list :)  How is your photograph hunt going?



  1. How could you not have seen those dinosaurs lol they are huge!!! I've got a few photos from the list...will really get going when school finishes next week.

  2. I continue to be shocked by the prevalence of dinosaurs! It's really fun to see where they turn up. And what a fascinating city council building.

  3. Great dino shot of you LOL
    We have a couple of monopoly sets, including star wars ... probably a "plane" in there too!
    Great hunting and good fun. Keep it up!


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