Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Counterfeit Kit July - Mickey Madness!

Welcome to another month of counterfeiting! I have spent a very pleasant few hours 'shopping my stash' while watching TV with the family this evening - but I tend to take over the living room floor while doing it!  Click on the button at the top right of this page to find out all about it and join in.  I can't believe that it is July already, where has the year gone????  The inspiration kit this month was from Scrapbook & Cards Today.

Summer Fun Kit
If you saw any of my posts from last month you may have noticed that I was scrapping Disney photos.  These are all from our trip in 2008 (as you can see I am way behind!) and I really want to make a dent in them this year.  Seeing these photos come to life on pages has been making the kids happy and we all need a bit of that around here :) When I saw the red and yellow influences and the polka dots in this kit it made me think of Mickey.  So I decided to use this month to go wild!  I will be scrapping photos like these ...

Mickey & Friends
So why not go to town and use all of the really themed papers that I bought at the time and haven't touched.  I have kept most of the pages so far un-themed but these photos are crying out for something a bit 'cheesier'!  Everything, including the characters themselves, are larger than life so here is my kit this month ... Mickey Madness!

Mickey Madness
The papers are all from  Hot Off The Press 'Busy Scrappers Disney Book'.  I took out all of the Mickey and Friends papers and left the Princess ones for another day.  The cut-apart sheets are from the book and so are the two sheets of tile alpahs (not sure if I will use these).  The red alpha stickers are from another Disney kit we bought at the park.  These papers are all paper weight but I am ok with that and I don't even back them with cardstock.  Once they are in page protectors I have never found that a problem and have always been too much of a Scrooge to waste a piece of card as a backing that no one will ever see.  It just means that they have to go into page protectors straight away and can't be stacked up in a box.

Mickey Madness - Metal Attack
There were pegs in the inspiration kit but I always have trouble using them and left them in last month's kit unused.  But I do like paperclips and as I had some FAB metal Disney ones from Creative Imaginations in my stash I added those.  I also included ribbons, buttons, and bling like the inspiration kit.  Of course I had to add washi tape as it has become ESSENTIAL!  LOL
Mickey Madness - Stamps
I also have some Buzz Lightyear photos that I want to use with the green 'Tomorrow Land' paper.  The Mickey stamps were a no-brainer and I added the camera stamp to counterfeit the camera from the original kit.  My final kit looks nothing like the original but it was a starting point and the embellishments gave me direction when looking for extras.

These are going to be fun and crazy to scrap ... so hold onto your hat and join me for a wild Mickey Madness ride!



  1. you really have pulled a disney kit together and it looks wonderful...enjoy yourself x

  2. A thot for you... why not turn those Mickey tile alphas into a Patterned paper? or ....? oh my! all that Mickey! so fun. enjoy.

  3. Oh my I need to go to disney now just so I can get some of those micky paperclips. Have Fun & great jb!!

  4. It's going to be good fun watching the pages come from this kit!

  5. Ooh, how cute is your kit? Those shooting star stamps fit in perfectly, look forward to seeing your "madness" take over your blog for the next few weeks :)

  6. You have made it your own, and it is delicious! I am just imagining all the pages you can crank out of this baby this month :~)

  7. super fun kit! I'm sure you and the children will adore putting those pages together this month. I love that stamp set, wonder if I can get one from somewhere?

    p.s. I can understand how you wouldn't be able to relax on a computor with working on one all day. We didn't get a computer at home until I left my computer job on maternity leave all those years ago.

  8. what a great Disney kit! You're going to have so much fun working with this throughout the month :) Makes me wish I had Disney photos to scrap!!

  9. What a wonderful kit!!! And I LOVE those paper clips. So fun!!!

    Blessings ~~ dawn

  10. I really must get those Mickey stamps so cute and those paper clips too!

  11. What a wonderful, over the top, kit. All that Mickey goodness.

  12. I think your kit name is adorable. I have a few themed papers and one EuroDisney trip i could scrap - you have me feeling inspired to get them out!

  13. Oh this looks like fun. My Disney album is one of my favorites. I can't wait to see your pages.


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