Friday, 28 June 2013

Kilimanjaro Safari - Animal Kingdom

When I first subscribed to a major kit club I tried to keep the kits separated each month.  But the colours of the kits were often far to muted for me and now I have broken them all down and they feature prominently in my Counterfeit Kits along with my own purchases!  But here are two I created while they were still stored as monthly kits, all I added was an old page from a book that I had been hoarding! 

Kilimanjaro Safaris
I do still love this picture from an old book even if the layout isn't speaking to me.  I also used words from the book page to decorate the layout.

While most of the patterned papers were more muted, when a colourful page was added it was either BRIGHT, BRIGHT, BRIGHT or BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!  As you can see by the ones featured below.

Wildlife Express
Looking back at these layouts I am so glad that I stopped trying to use my kits as a whole kit and have broken them all down.  Added in with my own choices I end up with layouts that are more 'me'.  I do love the stamps I collected during my subscription and once I decided that the kits weren't for me I was guilty of choosing my add-on purely based on the stamp!

I think I will happily continue counterfeiting for awhile and resist the urge to look at kit clubs.  I have too much stuff anyway!  Although I have seen a few good ones recently ...  :D



  1. I like both of your layouts. It feels to me like you can just step in to the pictures. Which means it's the pictures that are clearly showing through!

  2. Resist that urge and carry on making stunning pages that are very YOU!
    Congrats on being spotlighted on the CKCB today too :-)

  3. I do find kit clubs hard to resist! I think it's partly that box arriving in the Christmas every time.

    Those are both beautiful pages. I especially like the way you have used the book page and got such a lively, "complete" look going on.That's a very satisfying layout to look at


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