Friday, 7 June 2013

CSI - Case File 74

I enjoyed my first CSI - Colour, Stories, Inspiration challenge so much that I decided to give Case File 74 a try.  The colours were definitely NOT me (again!) but I did find some OLD papers in my stash to match it.  The Basic Grey was still single sided and the Prima was old IOD, it is a good thing I still liked them!

Here is the case file ...
The very light colour is actually pale pink and not white like it appears on some computer screens.  The CSI site gives a description of each colour to help with those sorts of issues.  I only used the yellow in the flower center and a few random gems.
Splash of Fun at Disney's Animal Kimgdom
I used all five colours in the scheme along with metal, flowers, leaves, and cabochon from the Evidence.  I seem to be having a problem with the Testimony part as I like to write what I want and not follow 'rules' that don't suit my photo.  But as I am only doing these for the colour challenge I suppose it doesn't really matter :-)

If you are wondering why I am suddenly back to more regular crafting it isn't just to do with things calming down around here.  No, I moved my craft room and I am loving it!!!  I am still tweaking it and trying to sort it all out but it suits my personality.  I will take some photos today and maybe share it with you all next week.  The other reason, Thursday and Friday are my 'try to take off' days as I work all weekend, so you could also say that I now get a 'weekend' like a normal person. :)



  1. Chipper,
    Welcome to the scavenger hunt! I'm glad you posted a comment on my blog, so that I found yours. It looks like we travel in a lot of the same circles, and I've added you to my reader.
    It looks like you already know where to find a windmill!

  2. Oh this is lovely. Beautiful use of flowers on this page. I have so many flowers, and I tend to not use them. Thanks for the flowery inspiration.


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