Thursday, 6 June 2013

Counterfeit Kit June - Layout 1 & 2

Two posts in one day!  That doesn't happen very often but I decided this morning that my lovely swap from Lou deserved a post of it's own.  After a brief interlude at work I came home and started playing :-)  As you can see I used some of my swap goodies in my first layout!

I was originally a little afraid of this kit as all of the papers (except maybe one) are white based.  I hadn't realised until I started the kit that I have been defaulting to cream based papers for quite a while now ... white terrifies me!

But never fear, that is what a good Counterfeit Kit is for ... challenging you AND using up your stash :-)  This first photo was taken after we arrived at The Grand Floridian Hotel in Disney in a stretched limo for a character breakfast.  We pre-booked this breakfast and the kids were more interested in the limo ride than anything else.  It seemed to live up to expectation!
A Wish Come True
For all my fear of white I ended up starting off with it as the background ... so unlike me.  I liked it so much that I did it AGAIN with a second layout, this time leaving even more white.  Maybe white isn't so bad after all?!?!?!?
Bear Hugs
I used the wood hexagons from my swap and they matched perfectly with the die-cut hexagons I already had in my kit.  There is a light misting of Mr Huey Calico Shine along the diagonal as well but I have found it doesn't photograph well.

Two more layouts completed in quick succession.  The LOML asked me why I made a kit when I had a whole room of stuff to choose from.  I told him that I get to spend an enjoyable hour or two 'shopping' for my kit from ALL of my stuff, and then when I have spare moments to craft, I can just sit and play without having to rummage through everything looking for something to match.  I find it so much more productive when you don't have to keep getting up to get 'that perfect something' from the back of the cupboard.  Although I do add to my kit from time to time I do find that limiting my choices frees my mind to just play!

Maybe I will even finish a third layout this evening.  Love an afternoon off :-)



  1. Great layouts, love the hexagons on the second :)

  2. Those hexagons look wonderful. They suit the whimsical mood of your 2nd layout.
    Both layouts are super.

  3. YAY - great scrapping. Love the Hugs page - how great that your swap hexagons matched.

  4. Smashing layouts.....I LOVE white!! Those hexagons are a bit special, I must give them a go, that trend passed me by!! Glad to see that your kit is taking you out of your comfort zone and l can so relate to why you create a are so right it is a happy couple of hours of shopping!!! LOL

  5. Would never guess you didn't like white . . . both pages look great!

  6. Wow! That's a breakfast with character and style! What an amazing memory. Love the hexagons with the pie pieces!

  7. I love the hexagons - a great mix of sizes and colours. you are rocking the white!

  8. Congrats on being highlighted over at CKC for your rocking the white!


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