Friday, 21 June 2013

Arcade Games - Photo Heavy

The Princess has been busy at school working on an in-class project.  The only thing we had to do at home was find LOTS of cardboard boxes in various sizes.  For 'Technology & Enterprise' they had to design a working arcade/fair style game that could be made from cardboard.  They had to then make their games and use them to raise money for charity.   They paired up and made posters ...

Poster advertising the event
Each child who wants to play buys a 'Fun Pass' for $2 that gives them access to all of the games.  Each year group (about 60 kids) comes at one time and each child spends 5 min at a game before rotating to the next (they only get to try out twelve games).  Each game earns points depending on how well they do.  They then trade the points for prizes, such as an in-school movie session or a special lunch.  It will take most of next week to get through all of the kids while still getting some school work done!

They had to plan their designs ...

Planning sheet

Then they started building.  This was The Princess' partly constructed game after one day of building.  I have never seen a classroom so filled with cardboard.  I couldn't get a room photo without lots of kids or I would show you the organised chaos!  This morning I went in to class to assist with the final part of construction and decorating.

Slowly taking shape
Then they all painted and decorated ...

It had to be PINK!
In the afternoon all of the parents were invited to come back and be the first to try out the games.  Here is the finished arcade game inspired by the clowns with the turning head that you find at fairs.  Am I quite impressed as The Princess has only twice played Arcade Games.  The clowns obviously left an impression as they were her favourite game to play the last time we went to our local fair/show.

The Surprise Box
They are all very official and have staff lanyards ...

The Princess
If you want to see how it works we videoed our first try of the game.  It was very hard to video and play at the same time (while kneeling on the ground!) and at the very end my phone memory was full and it stopped suddenly!  But if you have the time it might make more sense if you see it in action ...

There were some very clever games in the Arcade.  It was packed full of people this afternoon so here are just a few ...

This fist one are sponge crocodiles that pop in and out.  The object of the game is to hit them as many times as you can with a sponge sword.  Plenty of exercise in this one!

Croc Snap
This is a very elaborate pin-ball machine!

Pin ball
The owner of this one spent ages decorating the box!

The Hungry Horsey
This one took far more hand-eye co-ordination than I have.  I wouldn't be able to get it in all three hoops!

The 3 Hoopsters
This Skeeball madness was lots of fun.  You roll a tennis ball up the ramp and try to get it into the holes.  You have to see how many rolls it takes you to get to 500.  I reached 510 after 12 rolls.

Skeeball Fun
I don't remember making anything quite so much fun when I was at school :-) But perhaps my memory has fade a little ...



  1. No, I don't remember anything quite so much fun either. What an amazing project! I remember making a puppet theatre out of a cereal packet, but that's really not the same thing at all

  2. Those cardboard video games are so clever! I have to say, the part I loved about the video was the use of the calculator at the end to add up the total! That cracked me up!


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