Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Counterfeit Kit June - Kit

Now that my routine is falling back into place I am back to Counterfeiting (I love that it sounds like a crime ... or a guilty pleasure!  They sound more fun LOL) and am joining in for June.  There were four kits to choose from by Scraptastic and I chose 'Destination Unknown' as my inspiration.  I am a bit tired of the green, brown and blue that I used in my last kits and the bright sunny colour in this one grabbed my attention.  Here is the inspiration kit and it's add on ...

Destination Unknown
Destination Unknown Add-on

While many of you are posting about the joys of summer we have entered the darker days of winter (Hello Southern Hemisphere!) and my photos have been taken at night :-)  Welcome to "Memories of Summer"!  A bright cheerful kit inspired by combining the two inspiration kits.

Memories of Summer
I mostly shopped from the supplies I collected while previously subscribing to a popular kit club, with a few additions of older product.  I also included some toothpicks so that I can counterfeit some flags at a later date.

Memories of Summer embellishments
These are the 'B' sides of the papers.  There are some good tone-on-tone prints here that will come in handy.

Memories of Summer 'B' sides
The Princess recently cleared her desk for crafting and painting, and she is always fascinated with my kits.  I explained to her (again) how I assembled my kit and what the inspiration kit made me look for.  She decided to make a kit of her own (again) and spent the evening making up multiple kits with her stash. She has selected one to use for now and then plans to move onto the other ones after.  She will probably spend her weekends making layouts and I will share them as I share mine.  She chose the purple stack on the floor for her first kit.  I think she only added alphas and washi tape after I took this photo.

The Princess making her own kit

Happy Counterfeiting!  If you are wondering what is going on here then click on the link at the top right of my page and check it out.  A kit to copy every month and optional challenges to keep you inspired enough to use it!!!!  I love to go craft shopping but a recent change to a non-existant craft budged is forcing me to 'shop my stash' and I am loving every minute of it.  I have plenty to choose from so I should be good for a looooooooong time :-)



  1. I love it when the children get involved, I hope to see both your creations...

  2. Love your choices of paper and so many yummy bits and bobs!! How great to see that you have a partner in crime ;0) Happy crafting in those long dark nights.....look on the bright side we always scrap more in the winter!!

  3. Love! Those confetti covered tags are just yummy! My little girl would have been totally drawn to the purple kit first as well it's her favorite color!

  4. I love that The Princess wanted to join in. Your kit looks great - have you seen Lisa's idea to add a seed bead to the top of toothpick flags?

  5. Great kit and love seeing your daughter making up her own! My daughter likes to play along with my scrapping too

  6. I spy so many familiar friends in your kit! Love when I recognize bits and pieces. Have fun creating with your princess! So cute!

  7. I too spy some familiar paper in your kit! Great kit!

  8. beautiful kit, and I'm so pleased to see your daughter joining in, bless you both.


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