Monday, 30 July 2012

Sending warm thank you wishes ...

Friday afternoon as The LOML picks me up from work after playing dad's taxi for the afternoon, his first question is "Who do you know in Spain?".  That had me stumped for a bit and then I remembered an email from the lovely Alison over at Life in the Slow Lane asking for my address so that she could send me some happy mail :-)  And boy was it VERY happy mail!!!!!  Here is my package tied up with string (are you singing the song in your head now????? The one from The Sound of Music???)...

Isn't that the cutest card?  The Princess loved the sentiment, she said the paper looks like sunshine.  And here is what the package contained ... 

I am loving those butterflies.  The Princess has fallen in love with the 'wish' title and I have a feeling that it will end up on one of her layouts :-)  It was a very lovely surprise on a Friday evening ... Thank you Alison!!!!!!!!  It is amazing how much a little package can brighten your day.



  1. Alison has a talent for sending a little sunshine :)

  2. Like I said...glad it got to you!
    Alison xx

  3. Happy Mail is always such a wonderful surprise :) Glad that you are willing to share the sunshine too.

  4. How wonderful - Alison always does send very nice cheering mail doesn't she!


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