Sunday, 8 July 2012

The past week ...

I shall never again make a declaration to blog more ... it seems that I end up asking for trouble!!!  Don't get me wrong, life is still good but this week has been a roller coaster!!  But there is a happy ending, I promise :-)

Although my Grandpa's passing was expected it still took me by surprise.  I think I was affected more than I thought I would be.  When someone is dying for such a long time, and they bounce back after every turn for the worst, you start to believe that they are invincible.  So it did take the wind out of my sails when I got that phone call.  Thank you all for your words of support on my last post, they meant the world to me.

When I wrote the Storytelling Sunday post I already had more to say but I didn't want to cause any concern for non regular readers so I left it off.  We had to work the morning of the funeral but thankfully our new business partner was able to cover us for the rest of Monday so I could spend time with my family.  The kids had chosen to come to the funeral so we were all at the shop Monday morning.  The LOML had taken The Thinker over to the shopping centre to get a hair cut as he was looking very untidy (he says that is my definition and not his LOL).  While over there The LOML started to feel unwell (similar to how he felt just over a year ago) but like most of us stubborn individuals he refused to acknowledge that anything was happening and still drove through drive thru for our snack.  By the time he returned to the shop he was really looking bad and The Thinker was very worried and upset.  Within the next 20min he had started to go downhill with similar symptoms to last time, shortness of breathe/paralysis/tingling.  We decided to call an ambulance as they had put it down to a very mild stroke last time because they couldn't find anything wrong otherwise.  It was not expected to happen again.

I phoned my dad and told him what was happening and that I was not even sure if I would make the funeral.  I couldn't get hold of my mom to come and get the kids as she was already on her way to the funeral and is notorious for not carrying her phone around.  By the time the ambulance arrived The LOML was unable to stand unsupported.  The paramedics were wonderful and got him onto the bed and in the ambulance very quickly.  They told me it would be awhile before I would be able to see him in the Emergency Department and last time it was nearly 3 hours before I was allowed in.  They recommended that I wait and phone the emergency department in an hour to see how things were going.  So I drove the kids up the the funeral home to drop them off to my mom and sat in for the last half of the service.  I am glad that I made it just for that little bit.  All of the family asked after The LOML as they had all heard the news by then. When I phoned Emergency the doctor said he was stable but that they were still assessing him and it would be awhile yet before he would be allowed visitors.

I am not one who 'waits' well.  I need to be doing things.  Sitting in the Emergency waiting room surrounded by sick people in the middle of one of the worst flu seasons in years was not appealing.  So I drove the children to the wake and my mom would take them home from there.  My dad was glad I was there.  I helped serve some of the food, refill drinks and just chit-chat.  I left after a little bit and decided to take the train to the hospital.  It is situated right in the city centre and parking there is highway robbery, not to mention the traffic you have to sit in.  Park & Ride is a great invention (especially when the parking is free)!!!  I was at the hospital in less than 15 min as the train station is right next door.  Just as I was walking in the door The LOML texted me 'hello'.  I knew then that he was all ok!!!  He had just been moved out of Emergency and was in a holding area until a bed was allocated.  They were keeping him in for tests but he was looking very good and almost back to his normal self.

A train ride back out of the city to pack an overnight bag, then another one back in with the kids, and my very eventful day was almost over!!!  When we left the hospital for the last time that night at 7pm he still hadn't been allocated a bed.  Every hospital is currently packed with people with severe flu and related complications.  He did later get a bed in the general ward.  After many more tests and consults The LOML finally came home Thursday evening.  It is great to have him home.  They are still guessing as to what it is, but hopefully they have it right this time and it won't happen again!  He is still tired as you never get much sleep in a hospital and one of the men on his ward was just a little nuts :-)  We are all happy to have him home and well.

See, I told you it was a happy ending :-)


  1. Oh my what a week you have had. So glad the LOYL is well again - that's a lot of emotion to go through in one week. Take care of yourself.

  2. My goodness..what a day that must have glad to hear LOYL is doing OK now. Can you send me your mailing address, as I have a little Happy Mail for you:
    Alison xx

  3. Oh sweetpea, I'm so sorry for your hard week, and for being so late to pass on my thoughts and prayers. :( Goodness! I'm so so sorry for the loss of your grandfather, and for your husband's illness. What a terrible week. You have been through so much in the last year...I think you deserve some happy times! Big hugs and prayers to you. <3

  4. I am thinking and praying for you... Sounds like a terrible time you've been having. Hugs,


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