Friday, 13 July 2012


I started this post two weeks ago before all of the unexpected events took place, and as I see it is still here in my drafts, I thought I had better get to posting it!!  Both boys sat their test about a month ago now and were promoted to 'Cadet'!!!!! They have been 'Recruits' since they joined Army Cadets last November and they are very happy to finally have their KFF (hat!).  There were each presented with a certificate, KFF and a Rising Sun. They are both very excited and there has been much 'bashing' of hats to get them the right shape.  They even sprayed them with sugar water and ironed the rim!!!!  Who would have thought they would need to do that ... the poor iron needed a clean after that.

My two cadets!

Rising Sun


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  1. Congrats to your boys..and who knew how much it work would take to get those hats into shape!
    Alison xx


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