Thursday, 12 July 2012

Counterfeit Kit Layouts - 1

Well I have my first two layouts done.  I am quite happy with them and they are VERY different!!!  After the past few weeks I haven't really felt like crafting and so as I sat down to begin I was very un-inspired.  Enter a sketch by Creative Scrappers and I was off and running ...

I think I just needed somewhere to start.  I like how it turned out and I even used one of my pre cut cricut shapes.  I used the 'two' and dragged an aqua ink pad over the top of it.  It highlighted the edges and showed the striped texture.  These photos were taken in 2000, long before we had a digital camera, and were printed way back then. (As you can see, I am a LONG way behind hehehe!!)  After completing this page I have discovered that I haven't put enough embellishments in my kit.  I either need to make some more or add in some more die-cuts.

My next page took a completely different turn as I played with my paints and sprays.  I like it!!!!  And it was lots of fun to do!!! :-)  However, it won't lay flat so it is kind of odd shaped in the photo.

I used another Cricut cut (Built Tough) and heat embossed it with one of my fav UTEEs (Suet Silver by Blonde Moments - I think they are now gone).  I only did one layer so that it would look textured.  I am not sure if I am finished with it yet ... I may add a bit here and there ... not sure yet.  I wrote on the washi tape, added some more spraying and gauze, and just played.

The Princess also finished her first page with a photo from a friends birthday party a few years ago.  The colour is a bit off as the sheet behind is white but it was only just after sunrise when we went out to take this picture.  It is winter here and it is dark when we get home and not really light yet when we get up :-)  She is really enjoying playing along and decided she can squeeze another page out of her kit.

She liked the packaging on this brad so much that she left it on :-)  I love her enthusiasm.  She asks every evening "Are we going to go craft tonight?!!!  I have moved my sewing machine so that she has space instead using her desk in her room.  Winter in our part of Australia is very short and not overly cold except for a month or two.  The only problem with this is that houses are not built for the cold ... there is no central heating and very little insulation against the cold.  We have a heater in our craft area to make it nice and cosy!

The other night The LOML came in and snapped this photo of us crafting ... don't scroll down if you don't want to see me in my robe!!!  LOL

We had an afternoon off today and went to see 'Brave' at the cinema.  It was hilarious!!!!  It was such a relaxing time.  I titled this post with a '1' in it, so I better head off and see about making some more layouts to be able to write a '2' post!



  1. I love that sketch and I LOVE your LO's!!

    That last picture is just precious. Princess is a lovely scrapper!!

    Have a Blessed day ~~ dawn

  2. I love how your layouts turned out! I so love the layering you did on the 2nd one! And as for the Princess' layout....holy smokes that young girl is creative!!! She did a wonderful job and so clever to be using packaging already!!!

  3. Wow! You did so great! I love that your DD is playing along, too. I am afraid my kit is a little too sparse as well - I am getting ready to fill in some gaps already :~) Can't wait to see what you 2 do next!

  4. I love sketches - and my version usually barely resembles my starting point! You found great inspiration with the CS sketch and made it your own in a wonderful way! And the Princess did an absolutely spectacular job with her layout - love those flowers!

  5. How fun to have Princess to scrap with! I love the layouts and the creativity. The little one is so cute!!! Well done! xoxo

  6. Great photo! And I like your layouts too - especially the touches of paisley on that one!

  7. Love the sketch you used and your take on it. Great job!

  8. sketches are such a great place to start when the mojo is low. I do this all the time - and also lifting myself. I've done this several times this week alone!


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