Sunday, 15 July 2012

Counterfeit Kit July - Three!

I saw that there was a Sketch Challenge over at the CKC site (see link on the right!) using a sketch from PageMaps.  I started out planning to follow it, but as I was using two photos that were different orientations I changed it.  Here is the sketch ...

And here is my version ...

I am so proud of myself - I have now used all THREE Cricut cartridges I put in the kit.  The car is from Summer Vacation.  I even used three swirly metal clips that have been in my stash for what feels like forever!  All of our pre-digital photos have been packed for the past three years and when I had to find a photo of my Grandpa a few weeks ago it gave me the push I needed to FIND the box with the photos (we are still in a 'temporary' rental ... can't wait until we will be one day be settled again in our own house!).  I am so happy to be getting back to these photos.  None of my kids baby photos are scrapped and I really want to get that remedied.  Already printed photos just waiting to be scrapped seems to have given me a boost in morale :-)  I used my most favourite supply at the moment on this layout ... Mr Huey Shine spray!!  I love the stuff and have just had to buy my second bottle.  It jazzes up everything with LOTS of shine and sparkle.  Far more than any other one I have tried.  All of the 'white' marks on the car are actually shiny!
So after completing this layout Saturday night I got engrossed in a Star Trek movie and didn't do anything else even though the TV is right next to my craft space!  So this morning I took stock of what papers are left from my kit and this is what I had left ...

I am quite impressed with what I have used so far.  I have added more card stock as needed, plus a few scraps but still seem to have plenty left!  So here is ANOTHER layout featuring The Thinker's second birthday.  Birthday's when the kids were little were always busy as they have four sets of Grandparents who don't always get along (although they are much better now).  We had lunch at McDonald's with my dad.  This suited the boys just fine as they played in playland and we still had cake :-)

I used the washi tape to created a pleated strip at the bottom.  It is so easy to do this as the tape is already sticky and if you stick it wrong, you just lift it back up!  I then layered two strips of the orange washi tape on top of each other to make it less transparent.  It added a nice bit of texture without making it thick, which ribbon tends to do when you pleat it.  While I don't mind lumps and bumps on my pages, I am more of a flat-ish scrapper as space for albums is limited!  I have a friend who can't usually fit more than 10 layouts in an album LOL  I very rarely go that thick!

I printed the photo that The Princess was waiting for at work on Saturday and here is her final layout from her kit. 

The kids have to come to work with us on Saturday's and in the afternoon I set up The Princess on YouTube to watch some Glitter Girl videos, along with some other ones by Shimelle.  She loves them and last night all I heard was "Did you know ... ?" or "Glitter Girl said ..."!!!  But it was good to see that she was listening and that it has finally encouraged her to write something on her layouts (but only because it wasn't mommy telling her to!).  The Princess has a form of dyslexia that makes it hard for her to get the words she wants to say written down.  She knows exactly what she wants to say, but struggles to get more than four words on the page as her mind draws a blank every time she picks up a pen.  It is very frustrating for her and she is really trying hard using lots of recommended techniques.  Here are her latest creations.

There is only one week left of school holidays and then we won't have this much crafting time together again until the next school holidays.  Thank you for indulging us :-D



  1. Lovely layouts today!!! I love that you were able to use all the cricket carts you had set out...that's how I feel about using the stamps I set out for this months kit! You also made me realize that I have a bunch of those little shaped clips in my stash somewhere. I might have to dig some out to use with my next kit. You have also inspired me to use my Quickutz more! I don't have tons of shapes but I do have some that I really should use more!

    The princess' layouts are fabulous!!! I love those white dots on the first one, so makes me think of snow! The second one has a wonderful mix of letters! I wish I could remeber to do that to make titles! All the buttons and shapes around the third layout photo is a pretty creative way to make a frame! And the fourth layout is so creative! I love that she mixed the photos squares with embellishment/sticker squares!

  2. Yay! Gorgeous layouts, and I love your Cricut work!!

  3. Almost didn't look as I haven't done the sketch yet but I L-O-V-E how you adapted it for your nonconforming photos - very clever, and really like your creativity on the nonphoto spaces, esp the bow!

    The washi tape detail was very smart! (and flat, haha :~) And the Princess outdid herself - love that her own handwriting is on the first snowy layout, and how well she makes use of her embellis (the pink page is my absolute fave)

  4. Your layouts are precious and the princess is scrapping right along, isn't she? How fun for you both.

  5. Her pages are wonderful! I will be showing them to TSO and hoping I can persuade her to join me in a bit of scrapbooking soon. Very inspiring :)

    ..and I love the pleated Washi tape too

  6. I love that sketch - still on my to-do list though :o(
    Your pages are fab - glad to see that the counterfeiting is going so well!


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