Saturday, 10 December 2011

Spa mini album

I decided to make a mini album of spa treatments for my niece whose birthday happens to fall on Christmas Day. I wanted her birthday present to be completely different to her Christmas present. It took me a very long time to pin all those recipes and I wondered who else I could give it to. So I am halfway through her album, plus one for my mom and this one that I made for a friend. She is leaving in the new year to travel around Australia with a tent trailer. So I had to rework this one to make it smaller. It is a 6x6 album but I made the cover from scratch to keep it as thin as possible.

I cut the back to fit the page protectors along with a front from chipboard. I then cut a thin strip out of the front where the hinge is on the page protector. I used a wide satin ribbon to make a space that would fold so that my cover is hinged. It is the black strip in the cover photo. I then covered the rest of the album with papers. I made this one with a new Teresa Collins range.

The album is divided into three sections. Body Scrubs, Face, Everything Else. I have also stamped blank journaling blocks for additional recipes. I kept the inside fairly plain as I didn't really want the pages heavily embellished. My friend is not one for unnecessary stuff!!! I should have hinged the back cover too and it would open better as the page protectors aren't double hinged (the extra plastic strip found along the spine of postbound refills). But I will put that down to a learning experience and a serious lack of time :-)

Now to keep cutting the pages of my nieces album.


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