Thursday, 22 December 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband!  14 years ago on the 21st of December we tied the knot.

Boy how time flies and neither of us look like that any more!  It has been an adventurous 14 years and I am sure the years to come will be just as exciting.  Last night was the only night we could finish our Christmas shopping for the kids so we spent most of the evening shopping and when the shops shut we went to a late night restaurant.  I had very yummy fish and chips while The LOML had ribs.  Now you can't go out for an Anniversary dinner without having dessert :) so here is my HUGE banana split.  It was very good even without the cherry on top (I did sulk just a little when it came out with strawberries!).  The LOML had pancakes with ice cream.

As you can see we always have a very busy December!  Now to turn the focus to Christmas :-)  How are your Christmas plans coming along?


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  1. Wow... You are not going to believe it when I tell you that we have the same Anniversary as you!!! Yes, it's also the 21st of December. We just celebrated our 20th having married in 1991. We were not doing presents this year but Husb went ahead and surprised me with a silver Pandora charm of a china teacup as 20 years is "china" apparently. I was amazed. He also replaced my 'fake' bracelet with a real Pandora one. I was so shocked. We had one night in London a couple of weeks ago and on the actual day we had a pub meal and went to the Cinema to celebrate. Isn't it amazing to have the same Wedding Anniversary? Congratulations to you.


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